I think we should start a new political party. The main goal of this party should be to convert our country into a Democracy. This would require rewriting the Constitution. Since 1776 we've been a Republic. This means that the founding fathers didn't think the common man should be allowed to have a direct input on the functioning of our government. It should be one person, one vote. We would have to get rid of the Electoral College. All elections would be simple majority. The President would be the one who gets the most votes. The Vice President would be the guy in second place. None of this crap of winning whole states either. It should be a majority of votes in the entire country.

Also there should be no political campaigns the way they are now. There should be a board of people who come up with questions for the candidates and each candidate answers each question and then the answers are posted in print and online for everyone to see. No more negative ads on TV, no TV ads at all. No debates. I'm sick of the elections being a beauty contest. The person who answers the questions the way each voter wants to hear should get that vote. This would also solve the campaign finance problem. Nobody and no company would be allowed to donate to a campaign. It would cost very little for the elections and all that money that normally gets pissed away could be put to good use. There should be no political advertisements of any kind allowed on TV, the internet, radio or in print. When you think about it the press was supposed to be the Fourth Estate, they were supposed to keep our government accountable. Who makes all the money during political campaigns? The Press!!! They aren't going to out one political party or another for shady dealings if it means a loss of revenue. The press has been useless for at least the last 30 years.

We should also get rid of the Senate. The Senate was formed to bribe the smaller Colonial states into joining the Republic. It's outdated and gives too much power to a small group of voters. I'm sorry but Rhode Island and Delaware and some of the other states with smaller populations shouldn't get the same number of votes as Texas, California and New York. It's just wrong. The House of Representatives is the right way to do it. Voting districts would need to be redrawn too. No more gerrymandering.

No more privatizing of government jobs either.

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